Chase Vacation...June?

May 23, 2014

Well obviously the last two weeks I didn't find myself storm chasing very much as the weather pattern wasn't very ideal in terms of tornadoes and severe weather outbreaks in the Great Plains. Their were a few decent upslope setups I passed up on however and I ended up postponing my vacation that I had previously scheduled. So what's next? Well, I'm holding on to hope that June will produce some decent chasing so I'm in a holding pattern for a chase vacation at this time. Over the last two weeks I've concentrated on many aspects of photography, resting up, and chasing some local severe weather setups that presented themselves as well. At some point, I'll finally head west to chase and even if the pattern doesn't cooperate I do have some photography hotspots picked out that I wanted to visit anyhow. This spring seems like it has been a month behind in terms of weather so maybe June is going to end up being the month this year for tornadoes. We can only hope, right?