Update: 10/25/14

October 25, 2014

I thought I'd provide a brief update to the site since it has been a couple months since my last update. Of course, I've been busy with photography over the last few months and work. I just finished up my fall photography over the last week and I'll be completing those albums in the coming days. This was my first full year shooting with a full-frame camera (Canon 5D Mark III) and I love that camera. I shot a little bit with my Canon 7D and Canon T3i, but it's rare anymore I pull those cameras out. The times I do anymore is usually during the course of storm chasing when switching out lenses is too difficult. I'll be photographing the winter season here coming up as usual as well. Hopefully, we get some good snowstorms and/or ice storms in the coming months. Keep tabs on the galleries and of course my blog as well over the next couple of months with my photography "write-ups" for more detailed information and posts.